About Crazy Teapot

Photography by Annalee Jane Photography and Models – Left is Karen Jounquay (Independent) Right is Shauna Winkler from Elite Avenue Models 

I believe in the art of making an impression with a fabulous fashion statement, the nostalgia of feminine style, the value of originality and unique design, the simple pleasure of sweet smelling jasmine and rose, how colour can bring vibrancy to our lives and the little girl who loved to play dress ups and tea parties to dream and escape. Colour outside the lines, be fearless with your style! Feel like a million dollars, unique, elegant and refined with a delicate edge, bringing that sparkle to your eye and lighting up your smile while rocking a Crazy Teapot design.

Capturing the imagination and turning heads for lovers of style is our specialty. Designing and creating millinery and fashion pieces that make β€˜WOW!’ statements across the country is our mission. The Crazy Teapot Race/ Bridal Millinery, Racewear Fashion; Ready to wear Collections and Custom Designs are all handmade in Australia with much love and attention to detail, originality and beauty. 

Do you embrace unique design? Seek out original fashion looks? Love styling up for the race track or special events? Enjoy the feminine ambiance of a high tea and sweet floral scents? Then come venture into the gorgeous world with creative bespoke design, contemporary and vintage inspired themes with a feminine quirk at Crazy Teapot

Brenda Lui – Crazy Teapot Designer/Owner